About Us

El Paraiso Restaurant is served in its original Salvadoran and Tex Mex food, but we also served it thin and delicious pupusas it curtido with toppings. This inspiration is taken from the salvadoran version of a corn tortilla filled with meat called "pupusa"

Our menu spans TEX- MEX AND SALVADORAN influences, includes both small and big plates, and continually changes with the seasons. We source our poultry, pork and beef from producers who raise their animals humanely with no growth hormones or antibiotics. We love fresh produce, and you'll find lots of vegetable dishes on our menu, too. Our commitment is to bring you the best-quality ingredients and make them as tasty as possible.

Located in the Maryland Area, EL PARAISO is a neighborhood restaurant that also offers a focused liquor program with hand-picked spirits, beers and wines from around the world and BEST MARGARITAS.